Improving lives through care and advanced neurosciences

Improving lives through care and advanced neurosciences



Welcome to our NeuroVital Clinic, where you will receive a comprehensive neurological assessment from a highly-skilled and renowned Consultant Neurologist Dr Adnan Al-Araji. Our expert is well-recognised for their expertise in providing a thorough assessment, supported by a quality network of colleagues and state-of-the-art investigations, ensuring top-quality care for our patients.

Dr Al-Araji’s extensive experience in all aspects of general neurology makes him ideally placed to assess people with a wide range of undiagnosed symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, faints/seizures, numbness, tingling, tremor, weakness, balance difficulty, visual symptoms, fatigue and memory problems. He has special expertise in managing people with Multiple sclerosis (MS), Neuro-Behcet’s disease and related conditions.

Dr Al-Araji has broad experience in treating patients from diverse backgrounds and cultures during his international positions in the Middle East, Canada and the UK.



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All care packages are offered with high levels of quality assurance, including supervision and, in the case of treatment, appropriate outcome assessments.

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What our happy patients say

“I am extremely satisfied and reassured following my consultation and telephone conversation with Mr Al-Araji. I found him to be very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. I feel I am in safe hands and am confident that he will continue to be a great help sorting out my medical problem.”

-Mrs E Hewitt

“Dr Al-Araji treated us with respect and after asking questions about my condition, he gave his opinion of where we should go from here.
Thank you.”

-Mrs B Cartwright

“My thanks and gratitude to Dr Al-Araji for identifying the urgency and helping me get the speedy treatment I needed.”

-Mr J Rolley

“I am so grateful to Dr Al-Araji and his diligent approach to my care. I also think the consultants at this hospital are quite exceptional, they are really organised, with such a soft and polite manner, that I was lucky to end up at this hospital.

Thank you, Dr Al-Araji!”

-Mrs N Price

“Dr al-araji was welcoming and quickly put my wife and i at ease. he gave my wife a good examination and listened carefully to us. we came away with a good understanding of my wife’s condition and treatment and were very happy that we had seen dr al-araji.”

-A Patient

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