What do these terms mean?

Weakness means you feel like you have less strength in a muscle or group of muscles, whereas paralysis means you lose muscle function. Wasting occurs when your muscles decrease in size because of disuse, injury, or disease.


Alongside weakness, paralysis, and wasting, you may experience many other symptoms, depending on the cause. Some people experience muscle cramps, stiffness, numbness and tingling in their limbs alongside paralysis. If you have muscle weakness and wasting, you might also experience joint deformities. 

 Additional symptoms you may have with a neurological cause include movement and balance problems, droopy eyelids, breathing or swallowing difficulties, and double vision. If an injury causes your symptoms, they may appear suddenly, but a neurological condition can cause a gradual onset. 

If you experience these symptoms, we recommend speaking to a doctor. Doctors can help determine what is happening and give you the most appropriate treatment. Getting help early can help you recover faster and feel better.

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If you or someone you know is experiencing weakness, paralysis, or muscle wasting, it’s essential to take action. These conditions can impact different aspects of your life and have various causes. By working with us and sharing your medical history, we can tailor our diagnostic approach to your specific situation. 

Our goal is to develop a personalised plan that addresses your unique needs and helps you regain control of your life. Contact our clinic today to discover how we can help you. 

In some cases, a medical emergency can cause sudden weakness or paralysis. Call 999 to address these urgently or 111 if you are unsure whether you need immediate attention. 

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